14 September, 2010

Martin Loughlin's Obituary

The Otago Daily Times of 13th October, 1894 gave the following obituary:

Mr. Martin Loughlin

This well-known racing man died at Ballarat last Sunday night, after a protracted illness. His brother Michael Loughlin came out from Ireland a month or two ago to take him Home if possible, but it was not possible. He has left property, chiefly realty, valued at from £240,000 to £250,000. It comprises the Glengower estate of 18,000 acres, a large interest in the Seven Hills Estate, Kingston, and in Queensland station property, mortgages on land and station property, Melbourne Tramway, bank and other shares. £15,000 is to be at once paid in bequests, including £5,000 to the deceased's brother, Michael Loughlin, farmer, Ireland, who is at present in Ballarat, £5,000 to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Ballarat for the benefit of the Roman Catholic schools and other institutions; £500 each to the Ballarat Hospital, the Ballarat Orphan Asylum and the Ballarat Benevolent Asylum; £2,000 to distant relatives in New South Wales; and sums ranging from £100 to £300 to his godchildren. The residue is to be managed for the benefit of his brother, Michael Loughlin, and the two sons of the latter, Michael and Thomas Loughlin.

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