29 November, 2011

From 'The New Zealand Tablet'

From Intercontinental of 'The New Zealand Tablet' of 6 August, 1906, (link here):

"The high honor of the freedom of the City of Kilkenny, conferred on Mr. Thomas Loughlin, of Ballarat - (nephew of the late Martin Loughlin), "who carried out the wishes of his uncle* and built a splendid church in that city, "has given very general satisfaction here" (writes the Melbourne correspondent of the 'Freeman's Journal'). With a lavish hand, Mr. Thomas Loughlin has disbursed "the means at his disposal during the past six or seven years of his residence, in Victoria. The Very Rev. Dean Phelan, V.G., received a cable from his Grace Archbishop Carr last week, that he and Bishop Higgins, of Ballarat, arrived in London on June 19, and on June 3 both prelates assisted, at the consecration of the new parish church, Kilkenny, Mr. Loughlin being also amongst the visitors. The church, which is allowed to be one of the most perfect examples of Gothic; architecture in Ireland, cost £30,000."